AgTech - Using Drones to check on the cattle

I love it when I can quickly help someone with technology and get some easy wow factor!

Drones are far from new for a lot of us, but you have to remember a lot of people still haven’t experienced just how useful they can be!

We were sitting enjoying a lovely Aussie country lunch out on the back deck today at the farmhouse of our test farm out at the Queensland Scenic Rim. The property owners were telling us how they lost a calf last week and another was just born this morning – they were wondering how mother and baby were going down in the bottom paddock and would check on them later.

We quickly grabbed the drone that was sitting in the bag next to us and in a matter of minutes we had zipped down to the paddock, found the calf and zoomed in on them from above (trying not to get too close of course!). Mother and baby were doing just fine…. and we got a big wow from the farmers!